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Born into a blue collar working-class background, I grew up in the “White Heat” of Stevenage new town. I went on to Higher Education which was unusual for my school and then worked and travelled in Africa and India.

I returned to college to obtain a degree in Geology, and subsequently worked offshore in the USA and Norway. Geology is still a passion and I still work with Keele University as Earth Science facilitator for East Anglia and have produced written resource materials for them.

I was a successful Head of Physics and then Head of Science at Secondary School level.

Having always written, and with my first novel sitting gathering dust on the shelf, when the opportunity came to spend more time on this aspect of my life I eagerly grasped it. I have now had poems published including a poetry booklet. I have now completed my second novel Wonderful Tonight, as well as having a stand up comedy routine filmed for television.

I enjoy sport and spent twenty five years playing rugby in the front row, and I still enjoy playing cricket. I also dabble with photography and have had several photos exhibited.

I am married and live in Norfolk and have two grown up sons.



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