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Set in the Thatcherite years, Wonderful Tonight tells the story of Stuart Harvey who is in every sense an 'ordinary guy', who quits his steady job to follow his dream of playing guitar in a band.
As his life descends into turmoil, the novel looks at the effect this decision has on those around him. The journey is described in a manner ranging from the humorous to the poignant, as it follows a seminal year in his life.

“In his first novel, Kevan Taplin draws on his own extensive knowledge and experience which gives the novel a realistic edge and which ends on an optimistic note. Set in Norfolk the novel is in places individualistic which adds to its relative charm.”

The novel's title comes from an Eric Clapton track popular with bands during this era!.

Wonderful Tonight was recommended for the Brave New Reads Scheme from The Writers Centre

An amusing, and at times thought provoking, story that one can easily relate to. A somewhat jaded educationalist who, despite his better judgement, at least gives his dream a go.
Although written in a largely light-hearted style, the impact of Stuart's "mid-life crisis" on his family and its darker unforeseen consequences give the story a more nuanced subtlety. A thoroughly enjoyable read with a liberal scattering of laugh out loud moments

Recommended. The Bookworm


On the face of it this is a fairly standard tale of a mid life crisis but Kevan takes it up a level. Stuart his family and friends are very believable and empathetic. Any one who has worked in education will recognise the staff room characters and scenes.
As for setting up a band, I know nothing about it myself, but enjoyed the twists and turns, ups and downs of a very plausible and interesting plot. The denouement, while not a suprise is very satisfying. The tale is told with pace and an interesting use of language, which makes it very readable.
I particularly liked the metaphor of the development of a seed through to maturity.

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